🌟Highest Quality Pre-Stretched Human Collection🌟


Always ensure you thoroughly wash the hair before use to avoid any potential running of the dye used to colour the hair as it is not raw human hair. The hair can be washed multiple times and will retain its overall colour and style.

We suggest that you wash your hair extensions at least once or twice a week depending on much products you’ve used throughout the weeks to avoid build ups.

If you notice that curly textured hair extensions are not bouncy and the curls are sticking together, it is an indication that your hair extensions are not fully clean and should be washed.


You may use mousse, gel, hairspray, oils and leave in conditioners on your Boho Tress hair extensions but we do not suggest doing so if you do not wash your hair extensions at least once a week. Treat your Boho Tress Hair extensions the way you would treat your own hair.

Do not wet the hair extensions with water only. Ensure you always use a water/conditioner mix to keep the hair soft and manageable.

It’s important to make sure you gradually wet the hair extensions down and brush them gently before completely washing the hair. Always ensure the hair is completely dry before installation.


A small amount of conditioner and water mix can be used to maintain curls/waves.


Apply the mixture lightly onto the hair extensions and brush the hair gently using a tangle tweezer brush.


Applying heat protector to your hair is a must when applying heat.


Only use hair products suitable for your specific hair type.